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Progress of personal art projects:
New Centauri ref - 100% and posted!
New deviantart icon - 10% (sketching walk cycle)
Historical Esther portrait - 15% (thoroughly sketched; needing lined)


I find myself using Behance more these days, it's like the LinkedIn for art professionals. Deviantart is great for casual art sharing, but I'll be posting most of my new stuff on Behance for now.
You can find me here!

I'm trying to save money to study abroad this year or next year, so commissions are always open. Even if you read this journal 2 years from now. If you're willing to pay for great art, I'm willing to make it!

If you're interested in my study abroad fundraiser, let me know and I'll link you to it. It's full of great donation perks at all levels, as low as $5.
  • Listening to: the Lemonade album by Beyoncé
  • Watching: Chernobyl special on Animal Planet
  • Drinking: chai tea
Edit April, 2016: Commissions are still open, even though this journal is old :P
Commissions are OPEN. Please contact me via Deviantart, or e-mail. Commissions are only open for USD, or a similar real-life currency (AUD, CAD, Euro, etc.) :D

  1.  Turn around is a bit slow due to my heavy classload for the semester, usually between 1-8weeks. If it looks like it will take longer than that, I will let you know ahead of time and we can talk it out. 
  2.  Turn around depends on complexity/detail level of the commission.
  3. The following prices are a starting point, not set in stone. However, I will not charge any less than the prices shown. 
  4.  Payment through Paypal only, I do not accept snail mail. 
  5.  Please be prepared to offer an alternative way to contact you (Facebook, e-mail, Skype, etc) that you check regularly, as a back-up method to whichever message platform you choose.
  6.  Please do not commission unless you really have the funds. I doubt either of us want to deal with a Paypal refund. :/ 
  7. Payment is due asap after I send the sketches of the commission (or in the case of a sketch commission, proof that the commission has begun.) If I do not receive payment or a message explaining things within a week, I will have no choice but to blacklist you from commissions and potentially take things to Paypal. 
  8. By contacting me for commissions, it is assumed you have read this conditions and agree to them. If you read these conditions and agree, please indicate so when you contact me :D

What I am currently saving up for:
— Bike + parts + bike accessories for a bike, for my friend that is new to the USA - $0/$150
— Owl & bluebird nest boxes + trail cameras for summer ecology scholarship - $0/$800


Tags: These prices are based on a 150x150 pixel end product. Prices vary depending on size of image. I can offer animation, especially for chat icons and Deviantart icons, but that pricing depends on a lot of factors. Contact for details. .

  • a. Sketch - $7 
  • b. Lined (smooth; pixel) - $10; $12 
  • c. Flat colors (no shading) - $14 
  • d. Flat shading - $18 - examples:
  • e. Full shading - $23 - example: sitting_pretty_by_timebringer-d4j53nr.pna6d052be0b705a33c9ad3f53a90fe4cd-d52ur83
  • f. Realistic shading - $27 - examples: xolo_snorkel_louise_tag_by_centaurii-d6ylyric_headshot_commission_by_centaurii-d


References, Character Revamps, Character Designs:

Prices depend on species, design complexity, and number of add-ons and views. These prices are just a baseline, starting from one body view, one headshot, one color palette (including eye and pawpad).

  • g. Sketch - $12-$14 
  • h. Lined - $20-$22
  • i. Flat colors (no shading) - $25-$27 - examples: marlin_revamp_for_sheltiegirl_by_timebrisymbol_ref_for_sheltiegirl_by_timebringe
  • j. Flat shading - $30-$32 - spirit___of_the_wild__by_timebringer-d4g
  • k. Full shading - $35-$38 - examples: dat_newfie_grin_by_timebringer-d5j5z4t.p
  • l. Realistic shading - $40-$50 

— Headshot
(sketch; lined; flat colors; flat shading; full shading; realistic):

$1;——— $3; ——-$5; ————-$6;———— $8;————$10-$15 

— Another full body (not mirror image)
(sketch; lined; flat colors; flat shading; full shading; realistic)
$3;——— $5;———- $7;———- $10;———— $14;——— $20-$25 

— Background/ Scenery
(sketch; lined; flat colors; flat shading; full shading; realistic)
$3;———- $8; ——-$14; ———$20;———— $30;———- $40-$50 

— Anything else: depends on complexity, will decide on individual basis


Pet and People Portraits: Digital files will be made large enough for you to print if you request it, for a small fee (larger files take longer to draw). If you are requesting traditional art (graphite, colored pencil, painting, etc) and would like to own the original, you must pay at least half the cost of shipping. Luckily in the USA, shipping is usually less than $6 for a piece 9x12 or smaller.

Digital Portraits (Large Art):

  • — Sketch - $15-$17 
  • — Lined - $20-$22 
  • — Flat colors (no shading) - $23-$26 
  • — Flat shading - $27-$30 - happy_birthday_jessdrawz_by_centaurii-d7
  • — Full shading - $36-$42 - mental_image_reading_art_for_twistedsouz
  •  Realistic shading - $48-$60 - mr__chester_bates_by_centaurii-d6za8iw.pmom_i_m_lost_by_timebringer-d5jfziu.png

Traditional Portraits:

Black and White Pencil/Graphite:

  • — Sketch - $15-$20 
  • — Sketchy/rough shading - $20-$25 - a_bird_in_hand_by_centaurii-d7cr131.pngsimple_really_by_timebringer-d4pl2k5.jpg
  • — Full shading - $40-$50 -
  • — Realistic shading - $50-$65

Colored Pencil:

  • — Sketch (done in pencil) - $15-$20 
  • — Optional: Lined (with ink)- $20-$28
  • — Flat colors (no shading) - $40 
  • — Flat shading - $45-$55 
  • — Full shading - $55-$75 
  • — Realistic shading - $75-$125 - osprey_overhead_by_centaurii-d6npdde.pnghoney_i_love_you__won__t_you_give_me_a_s

Watercolor Painting:

  • — Sketch (done in pencil) - $15-$20 
  • — Optional: Lined (with ink)- $20-$28 
  • — Flat colors (no shading) - $32-$38 
  • — Flat shading - $40-$50 
  • — Full shading - $50-$60 - lucille_by_centaurii-d8bv6nv.jpgreel_love_by_centaurii-d7tz20w.png
  • — Realistic shading - $65-$95 - don__t_endanger_meeee_by_centaurii-d5b0z

Oil Painting:

Note: I am low on base materials to paint on with oil paint, so if you would like a sturdier material than canvas (i.e. a masonite board, slate tile, etc) we can work out how to split the price of the new material. Alternatively, if you have the material already and want me to paint it, you can ship it to me.

  • — Sketch (done in pencil and gone over with thin paint) - $30-$35 
  • — Optional: Outlines (with paint)- $35-$40 
  • — Flat colors (no shading) - $45-65 
  • — Flat shading - $65-$85 
  • — Full shading - $80-$100 
  • — Realistic shading - $115-$175

Credit for leaf divider
  • Watching: Paris to Nice cycling tour
  • Drinking: loose leaf earl grey tea


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Felis Creatis
Artist | Student | Varied
United States

Commission Status: Tentatively open for small projects. :note:

A future biologist that has a lot of great artistic ideas, but also a lot of chemistry homework. I'm probably knitting a sweater for someone's pet snake, or napping, or reading about mythology at the moment.

"The lion does not lose sleep over the opinion of the sheep, for its teeth are sharpened on the bones of its enemies."

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